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Topic A : 
1. Water Management and Climate Change 
1.1) Climate Change Projections
1.2) Water-Related Disasters
1.3) Economic Impacts caused by Climate Change and Water Security Issues
1.4) Climate Change Adaptation 
Topic B : 
2. New Technology in Water and Irrigation Management
2.1) Weather Forecast
2.2) Reservoir Operations
2.3) Irrigation Technology 
2.4) Technology for Improving Water Quality
Topic C : 
3. Water Management Towards SDGs
3.1) Water Management towards SDGs
3.2) Groundwater Management towards SDGs
3.3) Water Security (Urban, Productivity etc.)
3.4) NEXUS (Food, Energy, Water, Land) towards SDGs


THA 2022 International Conference on "Moving Towards Sustainable Water and Climate Change Management After COVID-19"
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